Lent is an invitation. An invitation to consider and reconsider, to put down what the world has given and pick up what God is offering, to release our grip and open our hands. For this forty-day season, we are going to follow Jeremiah’s lead into the concerns of sin and the grace of God … and we’ll see where we end up!

Within this safe space, we will discuss the reading, questions, and ideas … together around tea and snacks! All adult females (including anyone who’s female-identifying, non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, and/or trans) are welcome. We hope you’ll join us in the Parish Library at 9:15am!

  • Sun, Mar 1 – NO MEETING for Parish Breakfast
  • Sun, Mar 8 – Discuss Jeremiah 1-6
  • Sun, Mar 15 – Discuss Jeremiah 7-16
  • Sun, Mar 22 – Discuss Jeremiah 17-25
  • Sun, Mar 29  – Discuss Jeremiah 26-34
  • Sun, Apr 5 – Short Meeting after Parish Breakfast, 9:30-10:15, Discuss Jeremiah 35-43
  • Sun, Apr 12 – Wrapping up Lent, Discuss Jeremiah 44-52

You’re encouraged to consider what the readings mean to you on a personal level. Try journaling and consider these questions:

  • What amazed you?
  • What bothered you?
  • What confused you?
  • What delighted or encouraged you?
  • What specific passages speak to you? Why?
  • How will you respond, or reconsider in your life, based on those passages?

If you have any questions, see Tabetha!