Dear parishioners,

As much as we all would like to join each other in worship at St. Andrew’s, we know that this is not possible for all. At this point in time, we want to offer a variety of ways for people to live out their faith and to respond to the options they are being presented faithfully. We understand that there are many for whom a faithful response is not worshipping in person at this time. We are going to do our utmost to make sure we are continuing to meet those needs.

Over the past few weeks a committee has been working to come up with a plan to expand our options of worship. Following the guidelines of the state and Diocese of East Tennessee, we have come up with a plan that allows us to offer the option of in-person worship. To view the full plan click HERE.

We realize that this is not a risk-free option, but we are taking all of the precautions that we can to ensure it is as safe as it can be. It is for those who have weighed the risk and chosen to worship in-person. We are presenting multiple options and you and your family need to choose the option that is best for you.

Some things of note if you chose to attend in-person worship beginning May 31st at 10:30:

  1. The Great Hall and the elevator are the only parts of the building that will be in use. The restrooms will not be open. The service will be short. Plan ahead before leaving home.
  2. In order to safely arrange the Great Hall, we request that you please let us know by contacting Bart Cousins HERE if you intend to attend on May 31st.
  3. All in attendance will wear a mask. There will be a supply of disposable masks available for those who did not bring one to the service.

As we move forward during this uncertain time, please know that how you choose to worship and live out your faith will be respected.

Peace to all,
Louise Stevenson
Sr. Warden