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At the heart of St. Andrew's Episcopal is an active, inclusive community intent on growth, involvement, and support. Our parishioners serve in so many ways, from worship to outreach and everything in-between. We welcome you to join us - to participate in what we already do or help lead us in new directions! Scroll on down to see where you can make a difference.

Serve_Christian Formation

Christian Formation

The focus of this Ministry is overseeing the formation of Children, Youth, and Adults as they gather for learning experiences primarily on Sunday morning. However, the scope of the Ministry also
includes Intergenerational and Ecumenical events, field trips to places that support classroom learning such as Diocesan Youth Events, and ongoing Christian formation during the week through the Episcopal
Youth Community and Confirmation and Reaffirmation classes.

Meeting: Informally on the first Sunday of every month at 9:00 am in the Parish Hall. The committee will formally meet once a quarter at the members' convenience.

Contact: John DiDiego or Kae Wrinkle

Communications & Administration

Our mission is to provide leadership and support for communications between our members, the various church ministries, our clergy, and the Vestry. With parish publications, social media management, editing, graphics, website maintenance, and more, our ministry helps to shape and disseminate St. Andrews’ message to our community and beyond, in support of the church’s mission.

Meeting: The second Tuesday of every month, at 9 am, via Zoom.

Contact: Tamra Turberville or Tabetha Hedrick

Serve_Comm and Admin
Serve_Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

This ministry serves the pastoral needs of the Parish family. We visit one another when in need, stay in touch by phone, bring flowers to shut-ins, provide food for parishioners in the midst of big life events, and take communion to those who cannot make it to church. We are a community of loving people who want to help each other as needs arise, but can miss an opportunity to pastorally care for others because we are not aware of what is transpiring in their lives. So, if you know of someone in need, please contact the church office at (865) 983-3512.

Sub-Ministries: Petals to the Metal, Food for Friends

Meeting: First Monday of every month in the Parish Library.

Contact: Gretchen Prisock or Dick Cox


These volunteers are integral to our outreach fundraising efforts for local service organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Good Neighbors, Family Promise, and Community Food Connection. Activities include hosting the Annual Fish Fry and Holiday Bazaar, coordinating volunteers for our outreach partners, and promoting awareness of Episcopal Relief and Development.

Meeting: Meetings are held between services every quarter (Jan, Apr, July, and Oct) in the Great Hall.

Contact: Adam Wilson or Stu Hammond

Serve_Building Grounds

Building & Grounds

This group works to oversee and ensure the care and upkeep of the church, parish house, and the grounds surrounding it. Activities include organizing the Spring and Fall Clean-up days, managing the building/grounds budget, identifying repairs and upkeep needs, and addressing parishioner grounds concerns.

Meeting: First Sunday of February, April, June, August, October, and December in the Great Hall at 9:00am. Other meetings will be set as needed.

Contact: Denis Howes or Larry Dicus


Our goal is to encourage parishioners to give their resources to support the ministries of St. Andrews Church. This ministry is responsible for the In-Gathering Campaign, pledge tracking, and showcasing the exciting opportunities to serve the Parish community.

Meeting: Sept 9 and 23 and Oct 14 and 28 at 9:00am in the Parish Library.

Contact: Louise Stevenson or Pam Ragon

Serve_Fellowship Parish Life

Fellowship & Parish Life

This group provides set-up and food for church events such as weddings, funerals, bishop visits, and other official church meetings. Everything from presentation, set-up, clean-up, and care of linens is "on the table." We work closely with Pastoral Care to assist in food service.

Meeting: As Needed.

Contact: Ann Houghton or Elisa Barr


The Finance team develops the annual budget with input from the various ministries, obtains approval from the Vestry, and oversees its status during the year.

Meeting: As Needed

Contact: Pam Ragon



The Worship Ministry works to provide direction and support for the worship services.  Our team works to recruit and coordinate volunteers to serve in various roles in the church,  including Altar, Ushers, Flowers, Chalice Bearers, Lectors, Intercessors, Vergers, Choir, and more.

Sub-Ministries: Altar Guild, Flower Guild,  Music

Meeting: Once a month, as needed.

Contact: Richard Rockers or Sam French.