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The saints are those who have survived the ordeal of this life, those who can give witness, already, that the eternal promise we hear in the book of Revelation is true. The saints remind us that in the best of times and in the worst of times, life is possible and passable, and that we are not left alone. Today we remember all the saints, and they remember all of us.

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

Important Parish Dates

November 3
Nominations for vestry are opened

December 3
Vestry nominations are close

December 19
Absentee ballot period for vestry election opens (for those unable to attend the annual meeting)

December 29
Absentee ballot period closes

January 5, 2020
Annual meeting & vestry election

George Brooks Celebration

We will be having a celebration for the service of George Brooks to St. Andrew’s on November 10th after the second service in the Great Hall. There will be a basket for cards and gifts. All are encouraged and invited to attend. Please come and help us thank him for his years of dedicated service.

Holiday Bazaar Meeting

We will be having our final Holiday Bazaar meeting this Sunday at 9:00am.

Ingathering Brunch

We are having an ingathering brunch Sunday at 9:30am in the Great Hall. All are encouraged to attend.

Community Food Connection

Our next times to serve at Community Food Connection will be November 27th & 30th from 9:45am – 12:00noon Please let Elisa Barr know if you are planning to attend. 865-984-7920 or dlbarr@bellsouth.net.

Parish Cleanup

There will be a parish cleanup on November 9th from 9am – 12noon. Please let Denis Howes, 865-200-7915, know if you will be able to participate. Lunch will be provided.

Holiday Bazaar Nature Table

Kathy Wilbanks, 865-719-8292, is looking for any nature themed items, new or used, that can be sold at the Holiday Bazaar on November 23rd. Please let her know if you are able to help out.