Sunday School

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Sunday School runs from 9:15-10:15am every Sunday between our two regularly scheduled services. For the most up-to-date lesson plans, you can check out our quarterly planner by CLICKING HERE.


Children & Youth Education

  • Nursery Care is available for infants through four years old. It is staffed by nursery workers and volunteers who have been trained in Safe Guarding God's Children. The nursery is located on the first floor of the Parish House, Room 103 (go in through the main entrance and head straight back to the room at the end of the hall).
  • Godly Play is for grades K-6. This program provides a Montessori-style approach that honors children's innate spirituality and relationship with God. Through parables, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action, the language help our youth become more aware of God's presence in their lives. The goal of Godly Play is to show how to be open to the Holy Spirit, The Creator, and the Redeemer all at once and all the time in every place. The program is led by a team of volunteers who have been trained in Safe Guarding God's Children. Find Godly Play in Room 108.
  • Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) is geared towards our youth in Grades 7-12. Sharing our time with fellowship, food, and fun, this special time provides a safe place for youth to explore and deepen their relationship with Christ, learn more about the Episcopal Church, and live into their Baptismal Covenant by serving the world around them. Find the EYC in Room 106.

Adult Education

  • The Adult Formation Group is all about integrating spiritual understanding into our daily lives and practice. We explore various contemporary topics and programs in our weekly discussions with the goal of integrating new ideas, perspectives, and practices into our spiritual growth. The Adult Formation Group meets in the Greeting Room (second floor of the Parish Hall, next to the Kitchen).
  • Women's Book Circle - From Bible stories, inspirational anthologies, and thoughtful theological reflections, to everything in between, our women's book circle seeks to gather together for discussion, connection, and engagement. We focus on one book study at a time, reading and journaling privately, and coming together to share our insights. All adult females (including anyone who’s female-identifying, non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, and/or transgender) are welcome. The Women's Book Circle meets in the Library (first floor of the Parish Hall - turn left in the entrance and go all the way to the end).
  • The Loiterers is Sunday School with Spirit. This "unofficial" class is unstructured, letting the Spirit (or coffee) guide the topic of conversation. For the Loiterers, the concept of "tardy” is of little concern—we’re always glad to widen the circle. Come join us anytime for fellowship and conversation. Find us at an ever-growing table in the Great Hall (second floor of the Parish Hall).