This boisterous, determined ministry came about in late 2018 as a team to support the communication needs of the Vestry and Rector’s office. We meet monthly in order to stay on top of the communication needs coming in and out, as well as to explore possible marketing/admin ideas that would help the message grow.

Our most notable projects for 2019 were: re-writing the Vestry handbook, developing a Communications Guidelines manual, building a new website from the ground up, designing a new Welcome to St. Andrew’s brochure (coming this January), helping with design and formatting of the SAW and Bulletins, creating a new brand template (logo, color codes, and fonts) for marketing consistency, organization charts and models for the Vestry, new St. Andrew’s name tags, and helping with the disbursement of Parish letters.

Maybe you like to write, or draw, or play around on Facebook. Perhaps you have a story to share about your Episcopal or spiritual experiences or know someone who does. You might even just like reading and editing, sharing ideas for better communication, or exploring new marketing means. Whatever your preference, we would love to have you in our bustling little ministry!

In fact, one of our current projects is something YOU can participate in without having to commit to anything! You might have seen our St. Andrew’s Weekly, otherwise known as the SAW? Well, we’re hoping to come up with a new logo (and/or a new name!). Share your ideas with Tabetha and be entered to win a wee little prize!

We’re excited about the possibilities for 2020 and look forward to helping our incoming new Rector and Vestry members get the “good news” out far and wide.

Contact Information:

Vestry Liaison: Tamra Turberville or Chair: Tabetha Hedrick

Meeting Information (When/Where):

1st Friday of every month in the Parish office