Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

Lent is an invitation. An invitation to consider and reconsider, to put down what the world has given and pick up what God is offering, to release our grip and open our hands. For this forty-day season, we are going to follow Jeremiah’s lead into the concerns of sin and the grace of God … and we’ll see where we end up!

Within this safe space, we will discuss the reading, questions, and ideas … together around tea and snacks! All adult females (including anyone who’s female-identifying, non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, and/or trans) are welcome. We hope you’ll join us in the Parish Library at 9:15am!

  • Sun, Mar 1 – NO MEETING for Parish Breakfast
  • Sun, Mar 8 – Discuss Jeremiah 1-6
  • Sun, Mar 15 – Discuss Jeremiah 7-16
  • Sun, Mar 22 – Discuss Jeremiah 17-25
  • Sun, Mar 29  – Discuss Jeremiah 26-34
  • Sun, Apr 5 – Short Meeting after Parish Breakfast, 9:30-10:15, Discuss Jeremiah 35-43
  • Sun, Apr 12 – Wrapping up Lent, Discuss Jeremiah 44-52

You’re encouraged to consider what the readings mean to you on a personal level. Try journaling and consider these questions:

  • What amazed you?
  • What bothered you?
  • What confused you?
  • What delighted or encouraged you?
  • What specific passages speak to you? Why?
  • How will you respond, or reconsider in your life, based on those passages?

If you have any questions, see Tabetha!

Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

St. Andrew’s Lenten Soup Suppers 2020

This year’s Lenten Series will bring us all together with a common understanding of our Episcopal faith, history, and traditions. Whether you are a ‘cradle Episcopalian’ or just showed up last week, we can all deepen our faith together during this liturgical season of Lent. How do I join the church? What if I was baptized in another tradition? What sets our church apart from other Christian traditions?

Episcopal Church 101: Enter the Mystery

  • Mar 4: Welcome to the Episcopal Church – Overview of the series…confirmation, reception, reaffirmation, in short, you belong. Make time for written questions.
  • Mar 11: Church History & 3-Legged Stool – Where we came from & on what do we base our authority?
  • Mar 18: Book of Common Prayer – The road map at the center of our worship.
  • Mar 25: Sacraments – How do we live these through the year together?
  • Apr 1: Liturgical Seasons – How is our common story organized?

Program schedule

5:30 pm Gathering & start supper
6:00 pm Compline (allow time for kitchen clean up)
6:15 pm Program
6:45 pm Depart

Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

Christian Formation Recap

Adult Formation

We had a great time getting started this weekend. In case you missed it, I will include all of the previous and current resources we are using to unlock and enter into the mysteries of the Eucharist/Holy Communion/Mass/Sunday service…whatever you choose to call it…
We got through more than I expected last week.  We covered the whole first part of the service, or the Liturgy of the Word, which goes up to the Passing of the Peace/Announcements. 

So for the next couple of weeks, we will start in on the second part of the service, the Liturgy of the Table, or Liturgy of the Eucharist.  

We are using a series called How2charist, put together by a Rev. Callie Swanlund, and promoted by the Episcopal Church.  

This week Lee Ann and Marilyn will lead the group into the second part.  There are two videos you can watch ( you will have to download them, but it shouldn’t take very long) :

Liturgy of the Table – pt III ~ 8 min
Liturgy of the Table – pt IV ~ 13 min

If you’d like to catch up and watch the earlier ones ( Part I and Part II).

Remember  – if you have your own copy of the Book of Common Prayer, bring it along.   Meet upstairs in the Greeting Room next to the kitchen.  We will get started at 9:15 am.

Women’s Book Circle

The Women’s Book Circle started this week with Genesis 28 (narrowing in on Genesis 28:10-16) and the prologue of our new study book: God was in this place and I, i did not know by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. There was wonderful insight from discussing the meaning of Self and God, and the mirror we all look through.

This week, for our Sunday, Sept 22 meeting, we are reading chapters 1 / Rashi and 2 / Kotzk.

I will not be able to attend this week, but Barb will be leading the charge and I look forward to hearing how you all liked the readings! As you read, I encourage you to do two things:

  1. Highlight sentences or words that stand out as you read the full chapter.
  2. After you’ve finished reading, go back to what you highlighted and feel those out in your journaling. Ask a lot of “why” questions – why did this stand out to you? Why does it confuse or delight you? Are there any questions you have from it? What can it mean for you right here, right now?

Have fun!