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Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

Lent is an invitation. An invitation to consider and reconsider, to put down what the world has given and pick up what God is offering, to release our grip and open our hands. For this forty-day season, we are going to follow Jeremiah’s lead into the concerns of sin and the grace of God … and we’ll see where we end up!

Within this safe space, we will discuss the reading, questions, and ideas … together around tea and snacks! All adult females (including anyone who’s female-identifying, non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, and/or trans) are welcome. We hope you’ll join us in the Parish Library at 9:15am!

  • Sun, Mar 1 – NO MEETING for Parish Breakfast
  • Sun, Mar 8 – Discuss Jeremiah 1-6
  • Sun, Mar 15 – Discuss Jeremiah 7-16
  • Sun, Mar 22 – Discuss Jeremiah 17-25
  • Sun, Mar 29  – Discuss Jeremiah 26-34
  • Sun, Apr 5 – Short Meeting after Parish Breakfast, 9:30-10:15, Discuss Jeremiah 35-43
  • Sun, Apr 12 – Wrapping up Lent, Discuss Jeremiah 44-52

You’re encouraged to consider what the readings mean to you on a personal level. Try journaling and consider these questions:

  • What amazed you?
  • What bothered you?
  • What confused you?
  • What delighted or encouraged you?
  • What specific passages speak to you? Why?
  • How will you respond, or reconsider in your life, based on those passages?

If you have any questions, see Tabetha!

Women’s Book Circle: Lenten Study

St. Andrew’s Lenten Soup Suppers 2020

This year’s Lenten Series will bring us all together with a common understanding of our Episcopal faith, history, and traditions. Whether you are a ‘cradle Episcopalian’ or just showed up last week, we can all deepen our faith together during this liturgical season of Lent. How do I join the church? What if I was baptized in another tradition? What sets our church apart from other Christian traditions?

Episcopal Church 101: Enter the Mystery

  • Mar 4: Welcome to the Episcopal Church – Overview of the series…confirmation, reception, reaffirmation, in short, you belong. Make time for written questions.
  • Mar 11: Church History & 3-Legged Stool – Where we came from & on what do we base our authority?
  • Mar 18: Book of Common Prayer – The road map at the center of our worship.
  • Mar 25: Sacraments – How do we live these through the year together?
  • Apr 1: Liturgical Seasons – How is our common story organized?

Program schedule

5:30 pm Gathering & start supper
6:00 pm Compline (allow time for kitchen clean up)
6:15 pm Program
6:45 pm Depart

February Ministry of the Month

February Ministry of the Month

Pastoral Care Council Overview

The Pastoral Care Council, led by Dick Cox, is called to care for the pastoral needs of our St. Andrew’s family.  Our members visit the sick, homebound and those in assisted living and nursing facilities. We send cards for various occasions,  take Communion to those unable to attend church,  and deliver flowers through our Petals to the Metal ministry.  We have a Grief ministry for those who have recently lost family members and working in collaboration with the Family Life Council we take care of food needs for our parishioners who have had surgery or ongoing illness.  As our council moves forward in our work we are going to be expanding our focus.  Esther Johnson, the newest member of our committee, is going to lead us as we look at ways to serve our aging members. The Pastoral Care Council meets the first Monday of every month at 1:00 in the library and we would love anyone interested in this rewarding work to join us.

Petals to the Metal

Every week, Pam Miller and her faithful group of volunteers, divide the altar flowers into small bouquets and deliver them to our parishioners who are sick, homebound, celebrating a birthday or anniversary or just say thank you to someone for their service to St. Andrews.  You’ll see this quiet army head back to the flower room after the 10:30 service to arrange the flowers and then begin their deliveries, brightening the day of church members with cheerful flowers and a quick visit and allowing those who are unable to attend church to enjoy the beautiful altar flowers.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Dick Cox, John Bell, and Linda Howes have the special privilege of celebrating the Eucharist with our parishioners who are unable to attend church.  Dick, John, and Linda are sent out on Sunday with the prayers of the congregation following them so that those members who request it can share in the Eucharist.  They go to homes, hospitals, assisted living and nursing facilities so that those who cannot come to church can still receive  Communion and continue to be a part of our St. Andrew’s family. 

Card Ministry

We have an amazing and active Card Ministry at St. Andrews headed up by Elisa Barr and Gretchen Walton.  Elisa has sent out birthday, anniversary and get well cards for many years on behalf of the Pastoral Care Council.  Gretchen has recently joined in this ministry, she sends handcrafted cards and has also included cards to our veterans on Veterans Day.  This is an extra reminder to our church family that they are remembered on their special day, thought about during difficult times, and kept in touch with when they are not able to attend church.

Contact Information:

Vestry Liaison: Gretchen Prisock

Meeting Information (When/Where):

1st Monday, 1pm, of every month in the Parish office

Jan 31 Weekly News Update

Jan 31 Weekly News Update

Click HERE for full Parish Calendar.

For this week’s SAW, click HERE, and for this Sunday’s Bulletin, click HERE.

For this month’s Vestry minutes, click HERE.

Why would we chose to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us? Because that is the way of God. God never stops loving, never stops caring, never stops blessing. Yes, it’s outrageous. It’s impractical. It’s unrealistic. It’s beyond us. Which is why we need GOD and why we need one another. Only God’s love abiding in us can love in this way.

-Br. David Vryhof, SSJE

Family Promise Coordinator

First I want to thank Freida Herron for her many years of dedicated and faithful service to this most important ministry.

We are seeking a coordinator or two co-coordinators to share the work of this important ministry of our outreach program. You will have the support of our AMAZING volunteers plus an AMAZING group of volunteers from our support church, Broadway United Methodist. Our own Reverend Bob Beasley will continue to coordinate and schedule the volunteers for each evening.

If you feel called to carry this ministry forward, training will be provided by Freida Herron and Family Promise. See Freida or Stu Hammond don Sundays for further information.

Yours in Christ,
Stu Hammond, Outreach Coordinator

Widows and Widowers Grief Support Group

When: Wednesday Mornings, 10:30 to Noon
Date: February 12, 19, 26 and March 4, 11, 18 and 25
Where: New Providence Presbyterian Church
703 West Broadway Avenue, Room W202
Maryville, TN  37801
Contact: Alice Mansmith – Facilitator – with questions or interest
865-856-2570 Home
865-599-8361 Cell

For people struggling with the death of a spouse within the last year or two. Handouts and discussions address daily issues including:

  • The various stages one might experience (the sense of isolation, panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, physical symptoms of distress, guilt and anger issues)
  • The things that people sometimes say (which minimize grief)
  • How society and sometimes even well-meaning family and friends rush one through grief
  • Keeping a positive mental attitude, including handouts on worrying, willingness, gratitude, and taking things one day at a time.
  • Accepting the loss both intellectually and emotionally in order to redirect energy and reorganize life.

Nondenominational and fee-free.

February Ministry of the Month

January Ministry of the Month

This boisterous, determined ministry came about in late 2018 as a team to support the communication needs of the Vestry and Rector’s office. We meet monthly in order to stay on top of the communication needs coming in and out, as well as to explore possible marketing/admin ideas that would help the message grow.

Our most notable projects for 2019 were: re-writing the Vestry handbook, developing a Communications Guidelines manual, building a new website from the ground up, designing a new Welcome to St. Andrew’s brochure (coming this January), helping with design and formatting of the SAW and Bulletins, creating a new brand template (logo, color codes, and fonts) for marketing consistency, organization charts and models for the Vestry, new St. Andrew’s name tags, and helping with the disbursement of Parish letters.

Maybe you like to write, or draw, or play around on Facebook. Perhaps you have a story to share about your Episcopal or spiritual experiences or know someone who does. You might even just like reading and editing, sharing ideas for better communication, or exploring new marketing means. Whatever your preference, we would love to have you in our bustling little ministry!

In fact, one of our current projects is something YOU can participate in without having to commit to anything! You might have seen our St. Andrew’s Weekly, otherwise known as the SAW? Well, we’re hoping to come up with a new logo (and/or a new name!). Share your ideas with Tabetha and be entered to win a wee little prize!

We’re excited about the possibilities for 2020 and look forward to helping our incoming new Rector and Vestry members get the “good news” out far and wide.

Contact Information:

Vestry Liaison: Tamra Turberville or Chair: Tabetha Hedrick

Meeting Information (When/Where):

1st Friday of every month in the Parish office